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Know the Score

Do you ever wonder what a credit score is or why it is so important?  Establishing good credit and money habits is critical towards forming trust as you navigate your postsecondary pathways.  Having a good credit score makes it easier to rent a vehicle, purchase your first home, take a spring break vacation, and various additional activities that require a credit card or a good credit score.  While credit has many benefits there are some risks that come with using credit.  Without knowing how credit works, it can be easy to overextend yourself or have a difficult time making your payments.  

So how do you build and maintain a good credit score? Credit can be there to support you but also overload your personal finances, which is why, with the support of VantageScore we developed this resource page to help,  so “Know the Score” and learn how to build and manage your credit. 


Financial Education Resources

VantageScore Video Resources

How I figured out and established Credit

Raising Kids and Teaching Them About Credit

How to Balance Student Loans & Living Expenses

Videos in Credit Credit Video Series

Here are some everyday tips to save money and budget. Learn why a budget is important and how to look at it for future financial fitness.

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Put your best foot forward with these tips on how to build credit.

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Find out some common saving goals and some tips the experts recommend on how to achieve them.

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Erika shares how student debt affected her credit score and what she is doing to rebuild it.

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