Melissa B. Trujillo
Melissa B. TrujilloExecutive Chair
My why, “To ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve their college-going dreams and establish their pathway towards a successful future.”
Soilo Felix
Soilo Felix President & CEO
My why “As a first-generation college graduate, I am witness to the incredible transformative power of college attainment”


Marjorie DeRubeis
Marjorie DeRubeisSr. Director of Programs
My why is “ I was fortunate to have teachers and friends who helped me find my path to higher education and am grateful to be part of an organization that helps students “figure it out” and remove the obstacles to their educational goals and dreams”
Laila Sarah
Laila SarahDirector - Postsecondary Transition Programs
My why, “Arizona students deserve equitable pathways to education and the opportunity to thrive. We must embrace the beauty, talent, and potential of all of our communities.”
Jessica Solis
Jessica SolisManager - College Success Programs
My why is “To help students not only get to college but through college with the amazing support system that Be A Leader provides to all students”
Edith Betancourt
Edith BetancourtManager - College Access Programs
My why is “to give back to students from my community by helping them with their college-going journey”.


Edgar Avina
Edgar AvinaSenior Boot Camp Coordinator
My why is “to provide high school seniors the same high-quality college access programming that I benefited from when I was a senior in Houston, Texas”
Ashley Ciuffo
Ashley CiuffoMiddle School Coordinator
My why is “to help young students become future leaders in their education, for their families, and their communities.”
Betsy Muñoz
Betsy MuñozPostsecondary Analyst
My why is “to support students achieve their future goals through guidance and empowerment”.
Bethany Ortiz
Bethany OrtizCollege Access Coordinator
My why is “to support students achieve their future goals through guidance and empowerment”.
Jonathan Yamasaki
Jonathan YamasakiSr. College Success Coordinator
My why is “To help students that are often overlooked realize that they can accomplish their goals with the right resources, mindset, and encouragement”


Joseph Cobbs
Joseph CobbsData & Evaluation Coordinator
My why, “I love the work I do as every day I get to help people just as I’ve been helped!”